Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Need To Find A Robot Cookie Cutter!!

I am currently planning my son's first birthday party. It has been crazy trying to find a robot cookie cutter. I finally found one at coppergifts.com I am not sure which cookie cutter I am actually going to order yet though. I really like the robot, but I also like the person, which seems a lot more versatile. They have different sizes too. I was also looking at a mini person cookie cutter and then they have another robot cookie cutter. I was really interested in the Williams-Sonoma robot cookie cutter, but everything that I've read says that the cookie dough gets stuck really easily. I was also looking at this robot cookie cutter, but I decided I wanted something else. I also was thinking about getting a spaceship cookie cutter. I already made the invitation for the party. It's pretty cute and it's based on this invitation. I also found this idea for a robot cake at the cookie website.
If you check out this link, you can see how one person made robot cookies. I am pretty sure the cookie cutter is pretty similar to one of the robot cookie cutters that you can buy at coppergifts.com
I will put up some pictures of the party after we have it.