Friday, December 2, 2011

Paper Puppets for Kids or Just for Fun

So I had this idea.  I wanted to make a personalized puppet for each of the kids.  I started looking up the different types of puppets out there, keeping in mind it needs to be simple, cheap, and kid-friendly.  

This one would be awesome to make for an ornament.

I found a few different options.  One being a paper puppet.  Do not get this confused with the paper bag puppet.  The one I'm talking about is a puppet, usually made out of paper, that the legs and arms are cut out and attached so they can move.  Here's a picture of the legs for a Day of the Dead skeleton paper puppet.

Not very Christmasy, but still it's good to explain how it works.

These are actually for sale for $22.  They're so cute.  The shop is called ArtistinLaLaLand on

I think I may use some cardboard to make some of these little paper puppets.  I have a few cereal boxes I can cut up and they will do nicely.  Then I will cut out my pieces and paint them white, so I have a blank canvas.  Then I'll paint them up and attach them with brads.  I'll make a few accessories, and voila.

A fun and easy present for my lil kiddies and their cousins.  I think I'll need to come up with a theme.  Something fun like the circus theme that ArtistinLaLaLand used.  I'll post pics when I have something together.  Happy Puppet-Making!  LOL

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Melissa Kojima said...

Hello, thank you so much for sharing about my shop on Etsy: I'm glad you liked the piggie circus. I have a lot more paper dolls in my shop now and they are all printable PDF's. Hope you're having fun making crafts with your kids. Best wishes to you.