Tuesday, October 7, 2008

No help to get a house

I am now very pregnant, only about a month to go until my due date. My family has been trying to find a house of our own, since right now we are living with parents. We found a nice affordable house, and wanted to look at it. This should be easy. I've been able to make appointments to see houses before with little effort. Not this time, because the agent wanted us to have a pre-approval letter first before she would even show us the house. I realize she doesn't want to waste her time, but I have never bought a home before and now I'm feeling pressured into getting a loan for a house I haven't even seen. Oh, and there's a time limit too. In the next couple of days the house goes from owner-occupant preferred to the highest bidder wins. I already have a lot going on in my life and sadly, I am going to have to give up on buying this house for now. As a first time home buyer, the last thing I want to do is rush into something.

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