Friday, January 16, 2009

Makeup with Talc

I am not the kind of woman that wears makeup everyday. I do like to wear it every once and a while and I definitely wanted to wear some makeup for my wedding. I had always wanted to try the mineral foundations that so many brands had started making. Buy these powdered foundations with care. Make sure you read the ingredients. You do not want any type of powdered make up with talc in it. It is considered to be highly unhealthy if you breathe it in. Supposedly, it has been linked to cancer. This is very scary especially since it is very popular in make up. I did however find a few make up brands that did not contain talc. The first time I went to buy makeup though, I bought one with talc and had to go back to the store to exchange it. The brand I went with was Maybelline. I can not say that this is the only brand to get, nor can I say that this brand will always be a sure thing. All I can say is you should try to be as aware as you can of the all the chemicals you put on your body.

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