Monday, January 26, 2009

For my Family and Aunt Yvonne

I don't know why God took such a vibrant person from our lives. And while I did not know her as well as others, I do know that she was an amazing person. I know that her life has touched so many people. I believe that she has taught us all in some way how to be better people. I myself have been changed by knowing her. I admire her for the way she lived and will always think of how she chose to consciously live every moment. Yvonne knew what was important. She put her family first. She was so giving she spent all her money on Christmas even though she was far from rich. That may not be the smartest way to live but it shows you a little bit about the person she was. I know she said she would have been happy if she could just take in stray dogs and take care of them. She was caring and funny. She loved my daughter, and my daughter loved her. She loved everyone. Not only did she love everyone, but she saw the person they were capable of becoming and pushed them to be that. She welcomed me to the family. I will always remember her as a beautiful, outgoing, loving, caring aunt. She IS my Aunt Yvonne, my family. I pray that Brandon, Miranda, Grandma, and everyone will find some solace in knowing that she is at peace. I believe that she lived a good life, she laughed as much as possible, and she loved everyone she met. We can learn a lot from her.
We live, We laugh, We love.
I love you all!

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