Thursday, May 28, 2009

As A Mom

Some people may think that the role of a mother is easy. It is not. I sacrifice a lot for my children and my family. I didn't choose this life because I want to be taken care of. It's quite the opposite, since I am the one who takes care of everyone, with a lot of help from the people around me. Still, on my resume it does not say how I work at a job everyday with no days off for nearly three years. No it does not. It does show how in that time I started up school again, but the only thing someone at a job would notice is how I later quit without a degree. They would not know that the reason I quit was because I had a newborn added to the chaos of my life and could not dedicate enough time to school for that reason. No, everything is much more gray in my world, not so black and white as a job would like it to be. I don't like excuses. That's not what this is. It's just the truth. Don't label me a dropout! I am taking an extended break. I will eventually get back to my degree, but right now I have more important things that need my attention. They won't be little forever. I want to raise my children with both eyes open and remember as much as I can. This is a modern woman, a modern mother. At least it's the way it works for me.

In case you were wondering why I got so worked up check out the link.

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