Friday, May 29, 2009

Where are my options?

I don't think it's the women who should change their right to decide if they want to stay at home to be with their children. I think instead we should be open to new solutions of integrating the fact that we are women and we do have children. One option is to put your children into daycare, but as they are now, most women don't feel that is a good option because the cost of a decent daycare is so expensive. Another option might be to have the workplace more open to allowing children and accommodating them. Telecommuting should be an option for women after there maternity leave is up. I'm certain there are other solutions out there as well, but people are too busy trying to make the women who decided to stay home and raise their kids feel bad about their decision. This is not the end of feminism. I feel that we should not just turn our back on the fact that many of us decide to be mothers. We should be able to be presidents of companies, and we should be able to raise our children. Check out the link it's on the same subject as yesterday.

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