Saturday, June 13, 2009

Inspiration in Strange Places

The other day I was looking around the house, trying to find something to use as a pattern for a little doll. I ended up finding a long cardboard tube. I thought , hmm, maybe. So I wrapped it in felt and pinched one end. That is basically how I came up with the shape of this little doggy I made. Obviously it has come a long way from a cardboard tube, and actually that was only the pattern template, but yes that's the basic idea. It's been shortened too. I think I'll make him some friends in a few days. I already have plans for a kitty cat, that will be for may daughter. I will also attempt to make a bear, owl, and panda, and anything else that pops into my head, or is requested by my daughter. The doggy is for my son, he likes to slober on it. He also likes to throw it on the floor so I can get it for him only to start the whole game again.


Alisha said...

Really cute Toy Your little boy is beautiful !!

Steenta said...

Thank you