Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Movie Before Bedtime

Every so often, before bedtime we all watch a movie. Usually it's something animated like Disney, Pixar, or something by Hayao Miyazaki. A few nights ago I put on "Howl's Moving Castle". It's a classic. Every time I watch it I like it more, because it's so layered. Like an onion, no wait that's Shrek. My daughter seemed to like it too. It's hard for her to understand it though. She doesn't quite get that the grandma and the young girl are the same person. Still, she enjoyed the movie.

When we go out to Walmart, one of our favorite destinations, well there isn't much to choose from, we are always on the lookout for new movies to add to our collection of dvds. So, the other day we bought the animated flick, Igor. I had remembered seeing copmmercials for it when it was coming out in theaters, but my daughter was too young then for me to take her to it. (She just recently went to her first movie "Up" with her Nanny)

Anyway, we bought Igor and I think it's a cute movie. My daughter was a little scared, at the case. She said she didn't want to watch a monster movie. I had to reassure her that it was a funny monster movie and that she would like it. I think she liked it, I know I did. What did I like so much about it? Hmmm. It's hard for me to figure out exactly why I liked it, maybe because it's not like any other animated movie I've seen directed towards kids. There were times when I thought, "Oh, this is kind of twisted," but at the same time it was funny. It had a good, uplifting ending, which is always nice in a kids movie. I tend to throw up a little in my mouth if it's too cheesy or romantic, you know with the sunset in the background, and they live happily ever after. This wasn't that.

Good movies, always enjoyable!

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