Friday, June 19, 2009

New Dolly

I crocheted a new doll for my daughter these past few days. I never really new how to make doll hair, so I was a bit disappointed with all my past attempts at making a crocheted doll. I looked up so more tutorials on how to make a crocheted/amigurumi doll. I found a few different techniques that people use to make doll hair. So, I thought I would try it out. This is a fairly simple pattern that I created.

It is an amigurumi doll. Her head is made until you get to 30 single crochets. I then did five rows of the 30 single crochets. Then I just decreased until I had a row of 12 single crochets. The body is created until you get to 24 single crochets. Then I alternated decreasing and just doing another row of single crochets. This made the cone like shape. Then for the arms, I used an adjustable ring of three instead of six and single crocheted twice in each to get six crochets in a ring. I then just made five more rows of six single crochets. For the legs I started with a color for her shoes, I then made an adjustable ring and crocheted six into it. I continued with a row of 12 and then another of 12, then I slipstitched into the next chain, and I changed to the flesh color. I did one more row of 12 then I decreased one whole row, and continued with chains of 6 until I felt the leg was long enough, about three more rows. I also made a hat for the doll, this is crocheted until you get to 36 single crochets in a spiral. Remeber it is all just a multiplication of 6.

For the hair I took long pieces of a boucle yarn and tied four of them together until I had enough pieces. I pulled the pieces of yarn through the head. Some of the pieces toward the front of the face have more than one piece of yarn pulled through. I gave the doll two braids and even some bangs. I sewed two button eyes on to her. My daughter is almost three years old, so I thought I would try it. I also took some pink yarn and made her a mouth. Oh and the hat has a piece of yarn that is tied around it, so that it stays on her head, but can be taken off. I also tied little bows on her shoes to cover wear I changed the yarn. Just a tip, when you make amigurumi, make sure you leave a long piece of yarn when you are done making one of the pieces because that's what you used to sew the pieces together. That's about it, I stuffed the pieces, and sewed them together and out of came a pretty cute little doll. I think she kind of looks like a biker with the hat right now. I might still add some more things, but for the most part I think she is mostly done. Hope you like her.

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