Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Daughter loves Puppets

Lately, my daughter has started watching this show Oobi. It's a show where hands are the puppets. They have little eyes on there hands on a ring or something, and sometimes they have a little accessory like a hat or a bow. My daughter really likes this show so I started to imitate it with my own hand which of course she loves as well. Now she comes up to me and says, "Let me talk to Puppet," usually I am in the middle of doing something when she asks so I'll say something like, "Puppet's helping Mommy do something right now, hold on." It's really cute though.

Anyway, I thought since she liked these puppets so much it might be fun to make one for her. So, I came up with a little pattern for a puppet. I like to call it pocket puppet, for obvious reasons. It's small. I made it with just a few scraps of felt, cardboard, glue, and thread. I would imagine someone could make this in less than an hour. It is very customizable too. I'm probably going to make some more in different colors, genders, themes, etc.

Another great thing about it is that I can use it or my daughter can use it, so it's pretty versatile.

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